1 in 2 adults have unhealthy diets

1 in 3 adults are insufficiently active

​2 out of 3 adults are overweight and 1 out of 3 qualify as obese

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Do you want to know why you are facing health and weight issues?

Find it hard to lose fat?

Find it hard to gain muscle?

Find it difficult to stick to diets?

Gain fat too easily and quickly?

Feel low energy most of the time?

Have trouble finding time to exercise?

Have trouble staying consistent?

Do you want to learn how to make long-lasting changes to your body?

Reach your health goals & make long-lasting sustainable change to your body from inside-out?

Learn critical hidden biochemical processes within our body that drives our body shape and size?

Make healthier informed decisions for what to eat, what not to eat?

Get your body moving with different forms of exercise and choose the right movement for you?

Learn latest "hacks" with techniques and devices that can help supercharge your health goals?


Do you want to learn how to stay consistent and keep improving?

Build an amazing body and the right attitude to sustain it year round and all your life.

Lose fat on autopilot with diet changes that turn your body in to an effortless fat shredding machine.

Gain muscle and strength with an anabolic biochemistry that naturally drives your body to retain muscle.

Be more naturally resistant to effects of stress and fight the effects of aging and illnesses better.

Drive mental and physical change for a holistic lifestyle transformation.

Based on science, Backed by research

Authored by NASM Certified Personal Trainer and ACE Certified Nutrition Coach with 20 years of health & fitness experience. 


Focused on holistic physical transformation that combines scientific principles and proven methods for diet and fitness along with modern hacks to supercharge your fitness and achieve your dream body, improve your health markers, and sustain it all your life.

Only Health & Fitness book you need

Everything you need to know to live a healthier, happier, fitter life is captured in the pages of The ABCD Method for a Fit Life.


See remarkable improvements to your health and fitness levels in a short time using the science-backed secrets hidden in just a hundred pages of an easy to read knowledge-packed book. 



Started at 154 lbs. and after  2 months at 138 lbs. and almost at my target weight of 135 lbs. Best thing about The ABCD Method is that it was easy to follow. My favorite part was the checklist at the end.


I may be one of the outliers as I had struggles in the beginning because I took a drastic steps to switch to a completely plant-based diet from my meat and potatoes fare. But the results came fast and furious. and lost close to 60 lbs and I have stopped tracking since.


I had tried all types of diets from paleo to keto to Intermittent Fasting and was happy to see Intermittent Fasting recommended in the ABCD method. My biggest problem was consistency which this book helped me achieve.

Image by Jonathan Borba




My main issue has always been lazy eating. I grew up in an environment where fast food and snacking was very prevalent and I picked up those bad habits. I was barely eating any fruits and vegetables. This book changed all of that. Results are clear and I couldn't be more thankful.


I was looking for a cure for my general low energy in the office and the gym. This book helped me understand my body better and guided me towards healthy changes. I do feel I can follow the guidelines all my life as they are so simple and easy to follow. My  BMI and bloodwork have improved a lot.


I finished the book over one weekend 8 months ago and couldn't wait to get started. I was always an outdoorsy person but I had a bad relationship with food. That's the biggest credit I can give to this book in helping me address that. I enjoy things I like to do more as a result.



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