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My name is Manish Kumar. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and ACE Certified Nutrition Coach with twenty years of health & fitness experience and a number of scars to show and stories to tell from my journey. 


Although I am an engineer by training and received my Ph.D. in the field of Aerospace Engineering, I have used my analytical skills and research background to pursue my real passion in the field of health & fitness.


My journey began early. At a young age, I contracted tuberculosis in my home country of India. The illness attacked my lungs and was eating me from the inside, leading to a number of residual health effects, not to mention the side effects from the medication itself. My body was constantly trying to fight-off the disease leading to severe weakness and long lasting internal trauma to my organs. So, at a time when most other healthy young adults my age would be growing and developing, playing sports, and getting stronger, I was stuck fighting for my life. Ever since that battle, I have had a deep reverence for health and the pursuit of health & fitness became my true passion. 

The journey continued as I pursued my Ph.D. in the field of Aerospace Engineering in USA and through my entry into a competitive professional field in a multinational corporation. The exposure to constant stress from adjusting to life in a foreign country, competing in a fierce cut-throat corporate environment brought about even more of a desire to unlock the secrets of staying fit in a world that constantly throws various stressors at you.


I wrote The ABCD Method for myself and for you, to help you stay strong, and to build and sustain a healthy lifestyle. 



What is the ABCD Method?

Can you change your whole outlook on health & fitness, get on the path to an amazing body, and improve your health from inside-out by reading less than a hundred pages and for less than the cost of your morning latte? 

You are a busy professional with thousands of responsibilities, from your home life to your work life and everything in between. You always feel like you are running against the clock, managing your day-to-day activities, and trying to stay sane among the chaos. There is so much to think about, and plan, from the mundane of what to pack for lunch, to the significant task of saving for your family's future. Between all this, you notice your health slipping away. You are putting on fat in unwanted places and your muscles are becoming softer and loosing their definition. ​You want to take care of your health better. You want to be fit again. But you lack energy and your motivation to improve your health seems to be slipping away. You don't know where to start.

You turn to your friends and they suggest the latest fad diet or a new exercise routine they are doing. You try it for a while and even see some results. But its too difficult to stick with. You hear about the Keto diet, and initially you are intrigued by the prospect of eating all your favorite greasy fatty foods, but can you really stick to not eating any carbs again? Or, you feel intrigued by the Juice cleanse diet, but can you really be happy not eating whole foods for a large part of your life? These plans seem to require a lot of planning and lot of changes to your life.  Besides, the results seem to have slowed down and with it the desire to stick with these plans.


You wish there was an easier way. You wish that there was a plan that would fit in to your lifestyle. Instead of being a fad diet or the latest workout rage, it would be based on solid proven science and something that could blend with your preferences. It would bring you steady results so that you can see constant improvements to your body and health. And most importantly, it would be something that you would want to follow and stick with.

This might seem like a pipe dream, but I am here to tell you that its absolutely possible and achievable by everyone. The solution to all this confusion is to return to the fundamentals. Being healthy and fit doesn't have to be rocket science, and you don't have to get a doctorate to understand the basic principles and apply them to your lives.


I have been exactly where you are. I know the struggle intimately and have faced the same questions several times in my life, starting from the time I was pursuing my Masters and Doctorate degrees in Aerospace Engineering in a very competitive environment and then pursuing a professional career in a multinational corporate environment. That's when I started to devote myself to unlocking the mysteries of health and fitness so that other busy professionals like me could benefit from this knowledge and didn't have to waste time and money on unproven, short-lived, and dangerous fads. I wanted to leave no stones un-turned and distill all the information out there into their fundamental truths. With this philosophy and guiding principle, and the combined knowledge of thousands of illustrious scientists, nutritionists, bodybuilders, and fitness professionals, the ABCD method took shape. I’ve put everything I have learned in the book and you can benefit from the sum total of my years of research and experimentation.


I want to make sure that you never have to shift through the wasteland of false science and misinformation and you can stop wasting your time and money on insane diets and methods that don't work or don't last. The ABCD Method will cut through the health myths and separate the wheat from the chaff, and demystify what is takes to get fit and stay fit and truly show you what works and what doesn't.

Will the ABCD Method work for me ?

The answer to this question is unequivocally yes.  The teachings of this method WILL work for you, but you must be ready and willing to make some changes. You must be willing to follow the advice. And you must stay committed. Thanks to the information, tips, and tricks in the book you will have everything you need at your disposal to make sound choices and stay the course to gain the health benefits, the strength, and the body you want.

Will I need to change my diet completely?

No, but it depends. If your diet consists of 100% junk food, then I am afraid you will need to make some drastic changes. But for most people, your diet will only require some tweaks. By following the guidelines in the ABCD method, you will become more mindful of what your body needs. Then making sure sure you are eating a balanced diet becomes a simple matter of adding certain food items and removing certain other items. A balanced nutritious diet is key and that can be achieved with food from all regions and cultures of the world.  

Will I need to start a grueling workout routine?

Your body needs movement. This is essential to keep your body in top working order. So, providing the body with the right amount of exercise is absolutely essential. But the kind of exercise you need to do depends on your personal goals. Do you want to look like a bodybuilder? Then, you must start a proper bodybuilding exercise routine. Do you want to have the body of a swimmer? Then, you better be ready for swim sessions. If you want to lose weight you need to spend more calories through activity than you consume. By following the advice in the book, and matching it with your lifestyle and preferences you will learn what works best for you and what will give you the desired results.