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Are you looking for a change but not quite sure what The ABCD Method can do for you?

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Then, watch me work my magic as I create a custom plan just for you. The plan will include your diet, exercise, and the results you can expect to see week-by-week. Now it's up to you to step up to the plate and follow the plan exactly and watch your body and health improve every day.

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  • Online Coaching

    Every month
    • Direct interaction with the creator of The ABCD Method
    • Plans customized to your body, goals, and lifestyle
    • If you run into obstacles, I am here to help you
  • Online Coaching

    Every month
    2 People
    • Best suited for friends, couples, or siblings
    • The ability to work together towards individual goals
    • Shared activities will work as motivators
  • Online Coaching

    Every month
    5 People
    • Recommended for a group of people with shared goals
    • The ability to work together towards individual goals
    • Shared activities will work as motivators

Personal Training 

Let’s face it, no two people are alike, and have exactly the same routine, habits, or preferences. If you truly want to maximize your results in the shortest time possible, you need a program that’s specifically tailored to fit you and your lifestyle. The ABCD Method personal training is the solution you are looking for.


It starts with learning about where you are now in terms of your health and your dietary and exercise habits.

Then we understand your goals, whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, general health improvement, or toning your body to prepare for an upcoming event. We look over your lifestyle and your daily schedule to understand how much time you can commit to food preparation, exercise, and sleep. This is where we uncover any part of your lifestyle that are a hindrance to achieving your fitness goals. We then draft a specific plan that goes into as much detail as necessary to ensure that you know exactly what to do each day and have a clear path forward. The next thing we do is set-up periodic check-ins and provide ways for you to get in touch so that you can get answers to your questions quickly. We provide specific tools for you to measure your food intake, your exercise type and duration, your sleep and other important metrics every day. We also provide easy-to-use tools to record your results so we can see the progress and adjust course as needed. That way you can be certain that by the time you reach the end of this program you have achieved the goals you set out for yourself and there are no surprises.

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Diet is the most important part of the equation to achieving any health & fitness goals. It is the hardest thing to get right and the thing that needs to be individualized the most. While we find it unhelpful to tell you exactly what to eat for every meal, as even the tastiest meal can get old really fast, we tell you the bounds in which to operate and then you are free to customize and play within that to suit your palate and keep your taste buds happy.  You will be given guidelines on the food proportions, serving size, food items to avoid, food items to include, supplementations, timing of meals etc., while working within your lifestyle to make sure that you are able to stick with the plan and enjoy your meals every day. Soon, you will start to see how easy it is to continue for the rest of your life.

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Our bodies are designed to move. Any fitness plan needs to include proper time for exercise. The type of exercise that will work best for you depends on your goals, your interests and your available time. The best designed moves won’t get any results if you can’t find the time to do them. I will work with you to create an exercise plan, anywhere from taking walks, jogging and cycling in your neighborhood, to playing a sport, or to using weights in a gym, that leads you towards your goal. Just like nutrition, exercises can get boring too, if you do the same thing over and over every day. So, we give you an overarching plan allowing room for you to experiment, adapt, and evolve. We will go into duration, form, modalities, ways to prevent injuries and overtraining to make sure you stay on tracks and adopt these habits for life. By the end of the plan, instead of dreading exercise, you will start to seek it.

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It is important to track the progress to see how your body is reacting to the new stimulus provided by your diet and exercise changes. Everyone’s body reacts differently. Some people might see changes in their first week while others may need to wait a couple weeks to see the changes. By tracking the progress through regular check-ins, we can learn how your body reacts and adjust and tweak as necessary to stay on-track with the goals. The adjustments may include reducing/increasing the calorie intake, changing exercise duration to prevent any overtraining, introducing new exercises to strengthen lagging areas, adding supplementation etc. We will set a frequency that works with your schedule and allow sufficient time to see progress being made before it starts deviating off-course. This will be your time to connect personally with me and ask questions and learn more as you go along.