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What is The ABCD Method?

The ABCD Method is a set of guidelines that helps anyone create the right biochemistry to build a fit body and sustain it all their lives. We don’t lose fat or gain muscle while we are eating or working out. Changes in diet and exercise simply act as triggers for our biochemistry to take action. If we have unhealthy diet and exercise habits, then the triggers are wrong and our bodies have an unhealthy environment for losing fat or gaining muscle.

The ABCD Method outlines the changes that anyone can make to their diet and exercise, with added element of consistency and help from modern day hacks to create the biochemistry in the body that automatically drives fat loss and muscle retention and gain. Once the right triggers set-in, the body just wants to shed unhealthy fat and build muscle effortlessly and this can be achieved by any body no matter your age, gender, or fitness level.

The reason it’s called the ABCD or “Any Body Can Do” Method is because the principles of lifestyle change outlined in this method are so fundamental to the human body that our body naturally wants to be in that state. So, as you work on adding these positive aspects to your life, you body helps you by making it easier. For example, the craving for unhealthy foods automatically decrease. Desire to workout and go for that jog or push weights at the gym automatically become stronger and you start to miss them when you can’t.

The book is structured to put biochemistry first and foremost for these reasons and this is one point that most books and programs on health & fitness completely miss. They make it seem like you changed your diet and started working out and that’s why you lost that weight and gained those muscles. While on the surface that’s true, it misses a crucial aspect of how our body operates and fails to see diet and exercise as triggers that drive a change in our biochemistry. Without this acknowledgement the focus is not placed correctly and it doesn’t quite sink in why we need to change our diet and exercise.

The next most important thing is consistency. While other programs talk about it, the ABCD method is the first book of its kind to actually weave it into the program and give the followers tools to help stay consistent. Changes in diet and exercise can’t be followed for a few weeks to a few months and still expected to produce results. These need to become part of your lifestyle, a part of who you are, and how you think about your body, and take care of your body. Consistency is the magic sauce that drives persistent results.

Last but not the least are the modern day hacks, which are devices and tools that can help you supercharge your fitness and achieve accelerated results. If a Smartwatch helps you get more effective workouts and track them better, then we should use them. The ABCD Method suggests use of all the tools at our disposal that can help us without becoming too reliant on them.

Lastly, the ABCD Method is not the same for everyone. Not everyone needs to eat the same food or perform the same exercises for a fit life. There is a lot of flexibility and there is a large range of healthy habits. For some people, jogging might be the best exercise, while others might prefer to powerlift. One is not healthier than the other. It depends on individual goals and both can reap a lifetime of fitness benefits from their respective approaches if they are consistent. The ABCD Method presents the healthy options that can produce the right triggers for biochemical changes and then lets you choose.

It's simple. Your guide to a lifetime of health is based on the premise of developing a mindset and lifestyle that is sustainable and that Any Body Can Do. Learn what to do and see how you can keep doing it. The result will be a superior body and health that can resist the effects of aging, and general wear and tear, and give you more energy and stamina to tackle the challenges of daily life, all the while keeping you looking good and feeling great.

Welcome to the ABCD method.

The ABCD Method for a Fit Life is available in eBook and print now at your favorite bookstores & libraries. Get your copy today and start your journey.

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