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Inspiring Health & Fitness Movies to Watch While Under Lockdown

While we are under lockdown stuck at home and spending countless hours in front of our television, why not spend some of that time to watch movies that will inspire us to adopt a better fitness oriented lifestyle and maybe even get off the couch? With that in mind, here are some of the best inspirational movies with a message.

Super Size Me

An oldie but goodie, this movie takes a critical look at what fast food does to our body and how pervasive and insidious its impact is on global health.

Forks Over Knives

This movie sheds light on how we have been fed this notion of animal products as the ultimate source of protein which has led to alarming negative effects on our health, not to mention the effect on environment.

The Game Changers

A new but powerful entrant that made huge waves when it was released in 2018-2019 and was even screened by NASA for its scientists. You will see the benefits of a plant-based diet, dig into the science, and learn how its being used as a secret edge by a lot of elite athletes.

What The Health

This 2017 documentary sheds light on how the collusion between industrial food and pharmaceutical systems, their powerful lobbying arms, government, and health organizations is fueling the health nightmare for the average American people.

Food Inc.

A quite well known film that uses an investigative approach to shed light on where our food comes from and how that has affected our diet.

There are many other movies on this topic and once you watch a few you will be presented with more recommendations in your streaming service of choice. Here are a few that come to mind as noteworthy mentions.

Bite Size

Journey of four children overcoming illness and weight issues

Fed Up

A story of how our society is addicted to sugar and how that's fueling the obesity epidemic

Food Chains

Focuses on the impact of global supermarket industry on food and local farms

Food As Medicine

This film documents how eating healthy can help manage and alleviate the effects of chronic illness on the body

Of The Land

This documentary explains the benefits of choosing locally sourced organic foods and how that impacts our health


See how our food industry has changed over the years and how climate change will affect food production for future generations

Marathon Challenge