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My Current Daily Diet

Winter is coming! And with it comes shorter days and longer nights, colder weather and less sunlight. This also means big holidays and big feast days are upon us.

Thankfully, the ABCD Method is all about balance; in food, in exercise, and in life. We don't need to deprive ourselves even while we are being watchful of what we eat. So, personally I can't wait to indulge myself.

But before we get there, I thought it might be good for my readers to get a sense of what my diet is like these days, on a regular work day.

Right now I am taking a short break from Intermittent Fasting to help reset my body. So that when I restart, probably in the new year, I can do so with renewed vigor and my body will respond accordingly.

I wake up at 6 AM. First thing right after waking up I have a glass of water with a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. After my morning ablutions, I drink 1 scoop of a vegan protein shake mixed in water which gives me 20 grams of protein and about 150 Calories.

Then I head to the local Starbucks where I have a tall Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea and head to work.

Around 9 AM I have 2 scoops of Whey protein shake mixed in water that gives me 48 grams of protein and 250 Calories.

I usually have lunch around 12 PM. I typically prefer to go to the local co-op and grab a pre-packaged meal that typically contains rice and an entree like lentils, or chickpeas, or potatoes with cauliflower etc. I also grab a small cup of mixed vegetables and 2 boiled eggs. Together this meal gives me about 700 Calories, 100 grams of Carbs, 30 grams of protein, and 20 grams of fat.

Around 2 PM I have my post-lunch snack which is a smoothie with 2 scoops of whey protein, a banana, 4 deglet dates, half a cup of oats, and a handful of nuts. This gives me additional 700 Calories, around 60 grams of protein, with a lot of healthy fats from nuts.

I go to the gym for my workout around 5 PM. Before heading to the gym I have another 2 scoops of protein shake mixed with a pre-workout for extra energy.

My workouts usually last 1 to 1.5 hours. After I reach home, I down another vegan protein shake with 20 grams of protein and about 150 Calories.

Then its time for dinner. Dinner usually consists of brown rice or quinoa with mixed vegetables, potatoes, or eggs cooked with lots of chili and spices.

Before going to bed I prepare another smoothie, sometimes with just protein powder, and at other times with fruits, nuts, and almond milk depending on how full I feel.

This is the general framework of my diet from Mondays to Fridays. I try to stay aware of how my body is feeling. If I need additional boost on some days I would add another protein shake during the morning or afternoon, or sometimes eat a piece of fruit, or a handful of trail mix to keep myself going.

On weekends, I am a little less regimented and sometimes have extra treats like muffins, croissants, and chocolate, and sometimes go for a meal to a restaurant, or order-in a pizza. By allowing for flexibility I don't feel burdened or bored and find eating an enjoyable activity that fuels my body. This is the spirit of the ABCD method.