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Start With Why

We see this all around us. Some people are just more successful than others, even though others may have a head-start or have access to more resources. We see this at a large scale in big corporations, with little start-ups overtaking big giants in terms of innovation to capture the hearts and minds of people. And we see this at small scale at work where a team is more successful than others even though other team is getting more hires and support from the management. And we see this at a smaller scale with individual people, say at the gym, where one person is making consistent progress, no matter how small, every day, while others who seem to hold a genetic advantage seem to stay at the same level or even regress over time.

If you have read the ABCD Method, you might be inclined to think that the answer is consistency. While that is correct, we need to think about what drives some people to consistency where others fail. In the book we learn about different ways in which we can drive ourselves to be consistent and rewire our physicality and mentality. But what comes first, is that you have to want it. You have to be the one to say I want to make that change, adopt a healthy lifestyle, get that look, that body, or whatever else health related goals that you might have.

All of this comes with a very simple question that you can start with and that's "why?".

This is a really powerful question that gets to the core of who you are, why you want to make that change, and how significant it is for you to make that change.

Why do you want to have six-pack abs?

Why do you want to lose weight?

Why do you want to put on muscle?

Why do you want to eat better?

Why do you want to be vegan?

And so on...

This is a question that you must ask yourself first and make sure that you have a satisfactory and powerful answer for yourself. No one else needs to be told the answer. No one else but you is accountable for what you come up with.

The reason and the answer could be coming from purely a vanity perspective for example that I want to look good in a swimsuit. Or saying I want to be the fittest person in my gym. There is nothing wrong with that. The reasons are personal. There is nothing wrong with aiming high as well. For example you could answer that you aim to compete in a bodybuilding competition in 5 years even though you haven't seen the inside of a gym in your whole life.

Whatever the reason maybe make sure that you really believe in it, and then own it. Once you do that everything else will fall in place automatically.

Finding the motivation for change, and staying consistent becomes easy. And you know what a powerful thing consistency is. Results are bound to follow from there.

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