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Which Food to Avoid the Most if You Want to Lose Fat?

We encounter all types of food in our daily life, from fresh fruits and vegetables to packaged food at supermarket to deep fried foods at the local pub. All these foods have various levels of macro and micronutrients and they all serve various purposes in our lives. We are drawn to some foods when we are focused on eating healthy, like salads, fresh fruits etc., while we are drawn to other kinds when we are looking for convenience and want something quick and easy like the packaged foods that we can quickly unwrap. Yet others, we are drawn to when we want something indulgent and want to satisfy a craving like when we are at the local restaurant with friends and we might order a burger and fries with a soda.

By now its pretty obvious to most people which food is healthy and which is not. What is less obvious is how damaging some of these foods are when you are aiming for a healthy body and life, especially when consumed in combination. The award for the worst such combination goes to fried foods consumed with sugary drinks.

Unsurprisingly, Western diet is high in both these food items and they are often consumed in combination. Burger, soda, and fries is a common food item ordered by millions of people everyday in restaurants all over.

Its been well known for quite some time that foods with high amounts of saturated fats, as would be found in deep fried patties in a burger, can lead to fat accumulation in the body. Sugar sweetened drinks have likewise been known to pose a sizable risk for obesity. However, new research has highlighted just how damaging the combination is.

New research suggests that high levels of fructose (found in sweet drinks) can disrupt the liver's ability to burn fat and lead to increased fat accumulation than just eating fatty diet alone. Glucose seems to have the opposite effect than fructose in this regard, as glucose actually seems to improve fat metabolism in the liver. While both fructose and glucose lead to increased obesity, people who regularly eat a high fat diet with added fructose run the risk of also developing insulin resistance and high blood sugar due to its effect on the liver.

The bottom line is clear. Highly fried foods when consumed with sugary drinks are the worst food that you can consume when trying to lose fat or just for general health. Ofcourse, the negative effects don't show immediately and you can bounce back easily from eating these foods if they are consumed once in a while, provided your general diet otherwise is focused mostly on whole unprocessed foods.

Build a body and lifestyle that is resilient to one-off mistakes and distractions from your healthy diet and exercise routines by following the ABCD method. The ABCD method is not strictly prescriptive but is adaptive so that you can mold it to your lifestyle and preferences.

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